Two new podcasts drop each month. 

Our groups use the stories and questions to continue the conversation amongst themselves. 

Our blog is written by contributing members of EDC. 


Podcast 19: Jesus' Authority

Randi tells a Bible story wrong with 2 Bibles sitting in front of her, Kris explains how this story connects to present day life, and together they challenge you to find yourself in the story!

Listen to our thoughts and join the conversation! 

Podcast Questions and Bible Reference

Mark 1:21-39; Luke 4:31-44

  1. How are you (really) doing?
  2. What questions arise as you read this story?
  3. What does this story tell you about people?
  4. What does this story tell you about God? 
  5. What does this story tell you about you? ​​​​​​​
  6. Whom can you share this with? 


Latest Blog: Sitting at Bob's

Something most people don’t know about me is that whatever coffee cup I am using generally reflects my mood. I pick my morning cup based solely on my feelings.


Today is a Bob Evans kind of day...