Our groups meet four times throughout the month. We party, talk about faith, and serve our community together.

Here's why:


A little known fact about Jesus is that he loved a good party. And he didn't just party with church people - he partied with misfits, outcasts, and people who would never go to church. Parties are essential to EDC groups because it is where we connect, have fun, and invite friends into community. This happens once a month.

Spiritual Conversation

Jesus engaged people in conversation every day. He told stories, asked questions, and allowed his teaching moments to be interrupted by real life situations. Spiritual conversations are essential to EDC groups because they create a place where we can do the same. Our groups begin with discussion centered on the latest podcast, and together we wrestle through issues of faith and real life. This happens twice a month (and includes food!).


One of the most well-known facts about Jesus is that he constantly served others. When most were jockeying for position, Jesus was showing God's love by giving up his position to raise others up. Service is essential to EDC groups because it is where we model this same love of Jesus through tangible action. We do this in a number of ways ranging from helping out a neighbor to participating in the work of organizations in our communities and surrounding area. This happens once a month.

Interested in joining an EDC group?

Shoot us an email at EDCToledo@gmail.com or click here and fill out the contact form.

We will contact you and connect you with an EDC group leader. Since groups meet all over the Toledo area,

we will work with you to find a group in your geographical location.

In some instances, people feel more comfortable meeting in groups with people they already know.

If you would prefer to be in a group with your friends and/or family there are options to start your own EDC group.


Contact us and we will work with you to provide a short-term EDC leader who will train a member of your group

to become the offical group leader. 

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