All of our groups meet together once a month to celebrate God and what is he doing in Toledo.




First Sunday of every month

(all groups)


We are currently looking for a permanent space to meet.

Until then, we are meeting in a home.

Due to privacy and safety, we do not list home addresses online.

Contact us for more info.





EDC God Stories

Why our Gathering is once a month:

1. We believe it is important for all of our groups to come together as one to worship God and see and hear what He is doing in other groups around Toledo.

2. Our main focus is living like Jesus every day rather than making Jesus a once-a-week event we come to.

3. We prioritize meeting throughout the month in smaller faith communities, allowing us to build stronger relationships and work together to become better followers of Jesus.

4. We want to free up people's time and talents so they can share Jesus' love outwardly toward their community.

5. Having low overhead costs enables us to use our financial resources to invest back into our groups and the work they are doing throughout Toledo.