The Info

We meet the first Sunday of every month (Gathering) to celebrate who God is and how He is working in our lives. We intentionaly take space to pause, reflect, pray, and receive communion.  

The rest of the month we encourage our people to join groups that we like to call the meeting place for the seeker and the skeptic. Our groups focus on informal discussion designed to create community while searching for God. Have a life/spiritual/faith question? Ask it! Need to talk? Do it! Wrestling with God? Bring it. Let's do this journey together. ​​​​​​​

The church building... 

We don’t have one. We also don’t have programs, and we are not focused on Sunday morning. 


Because we want our time, money, and talents to be used "out" rather than "in." 

We want as much church to happen in our groups and in every day life as possible. Since our resources and people are not tied to a church building or programs we can put them back into our communities. When people, time, energy, and money are tangibily used to share Jesus with family, friends, neighbors, and communities lives are changed.

The mission of EDC is to: 

bring God near to people by living like Jesus every day. 

It’s our prayer that people will have an encounter with God and in Toledo we’ll see healing, second-chances, the outcasts included, brokenness restored, and people and communities transformed. 


Every Day Church is a part of the Free Methodist denomination.


A long time ago Free Methodists were kicked out of their church because they believed and championed certain freedoms: freedom for slaves, freedom to be able to come to church without having to buy a seat, freedom for regular every day people to have a role in the church, freedom to worship however the Spirit led, and a few more. This group of rebel rousers, led by B.T. Roberts, still loved the doctrine of the Methdodist church so they kept the name Methodist and added the "Free" so all would know the difference. Today, the Free Methodists champion the rights of women, they continue to stand up for the poor, they believe in pursuing holiness, and, at the very forefront, they love God, love people, and make disciples. 


Click below to read the doctrine of the Free Methodist Church 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where did the name "Every Day Church" come from?
What programs do you offer?
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